■LOCATION:公益財団法人京都市埋蔵文化財研究所 京都市考古資料館
■CATEGORY: AR VR MR Learning Contents Reverse Engineering 

織田信長が最期を迎えた本能寺 戴輪宝鬼瓦

公益財団法人京都市埋蔵文化財研究所 京都市考古資料館

Honnoji Temple, where Oda Nobunaga met his final days
The project not only scans and digitally archives the representative excavated artifact “Jorinho Oni-gawara” of the Honnoji Temple, where the “Honnoji Incident” took place in 3D, but also creates a 3DCG model of the artifact.
The creation of the 3DCG model allows people to observe minute fractures, damage, etc. online. The utilization of online exhibits makes it easier for people to appreciate cultural properties in a more familiar way.
公益財団法人京都市埋蔵文化財研究所 京都市考古資料館
Kyoto City Archaeological Research Institute
Kyoto City Archaeological Museum

* Oni-gawara: Japanese Demon Roof Tiles